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Archive for February 1, 2011

Education is expensive!!

Some people talking about education when I interrupt

Umm can I have a say on this?..yes
I think its EXCREMENT!

I think here we are taught to be someone else…
and to see the world like someone else saw it,
Maybe in equations or a language unknown,
Here we are not taught to feel,


Here we are not taught to say “I LOVE YOU”,
to someone and feel the same but to say “I VALUE YOU” because we have to,
We are here not because we want to but because we were born…
We are togeter not because of some liking ..but because we don’t have a choice,
and will never have a choice ,


We are all trapped ,tramped and slapped with conformity,
We never grew any wings to fly,
Our words never had our voice,
And the sound we made was bought,bought with money,
We filled their bags with money not to learn how to find our voice but to copy someone else’s,
To make it more stylish,
Like the world would like!
But it wasn’t mine,it wasn’t me,
And i think it wasn’t there’s either,
They ! like us were prisoners of there own disguise,
The victims like us,ravaged and intrigued by the notion of being heard,
But instead all they did was hear,
Our own voice never got to learn how to fly..circumvent the boundaries of there own ears,
And like us,they peeped in the same hole…the hole that showed us only the reflected light.

By- Syd