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Archive for February 2, 2011

Before You Say It’s Over

Before you say it’s over, let’s give it a try,
One last chance, please don’t deny,
C’mon baby, one simple single reply,
Silence is not something I want my life to rely.

I’ll buy us a bunch of chocolates and bake a cake,
Just to hear you, I can lie the whole night awake,
If you’d want, I can swim the Great Salt Lake,
Don’t leave it for God to forsake.

Before you say it’s over, will you open your eyes one more time?
Will you hold my hand? Is it too big a crime?
Words may not rhyme, without you life’s without a thyme,
This fate cover’s me up like grime.

I slice my wrist to see what hurts more,
Pain of the solitary made it live to the shore,
If nothing else, please do not ignore,
The rose I left beside your grave for you to adore.