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50 Facts about Norpals

1) Your favorite movie is The Dark Knight, although you don’t know how to speak English.

2) You updated sad comments on social networking websites when you came to know the Joker died and then expressed happiness when Joker won the Oscar, but when someone talks about Heath Ledger you try to change the topic.

3) You never watched Slumdog Millionaire but you hated it because someone said they showed poor side of india in the film.

4) You woke up early to see if A.R. Rahman won an Oscar, after he did you started hating Jai Ho.

5) You like watching Friends, although you could never completely understand what their jokes meant.

6) A Walk to Remember and P.S. I Love You are your favorite romantic movies although you never had the courage to watch them.

7) You are obsessed with the movie 3 Idiots.

8 ) You watched Titanic just to see Kate Winslet nude or because you heard Leonardo de Caprio was cute.

9) Your favorite actor is Jack Sparrow, but your friend just told you his real name is Johnny Depp

10) You haven’t watched Twilight but you hate it because someone said Edward Cullen is gay.

11) You love The Lord of the Rings, although you were so lost in the spectacular visual effects you forgot to listen to the dialogs.

12) You watched Inception on the first day of its release, because you liked the trailers. You didn’t understand it and hated it. Then when it recieved so much critical acclaim it became your favorite movie!

13) You said you were upset because Chris Nolan was snubbed for the Academy Award nomination for Best Director, but personally you were very happy.

14) You hate Karan Johar but Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is your favorite movie.

15) You love SRK.

16) You have a Selena Gomez image as your profile picture most of the times.

17) You nearly puked while watching it, but Wrong Turn is your favorite horror flick.

18) You like How I Met Your Mother only because Barney Stinson teaches you the cool way to pick up girls.

19) You don’t know the meaning of ‘pikey’, but Snatch is your favorite black comedy.

20) You get so excited when you hear the word FUCK in a movie.

21) You have watched all parts of  American Pie and are proud of it.

22) You don’t know what is a Leg Glance, but Sachin Tendulkar is your favorite cricketer.

23) You have a Roger Federer image as your wallpaper, but you don’t know what an Ace is.

24) Your favorite football team is Manchester United, but you don’t know that Christiano Ronaldo doesn’t play for it anymore.

25)  David Beckham is your favorite footballer, but you don’t know he played for your favorite club Manchester United some years ago.

26) You hummed Waka Waka all day during the world cup, but never knew most of the song was written in Afrikaans.

27) Your favorite books are, One Night at a Call Center, Five Point Someone, Three Mistakes of my Life, Two States. The love making scenes in the books make you want to jerk off!

28) After watching Harry Potter’s movie series, the books automatically became your favorite.

29) You never knew who Michael Jackson was, but you were sad when he died.

30) You don’t understand a single word Eminem says, but Love the Way You Lie is your favorite song.

31) You want to look like an Emo, but don’t know that Emo is infact a type of music.

32) You love listening to metal songs and your favorite band is Linkin Park.

33) You hate the blacks, but Jay-z is your favorite singer.

34) You hate Pakistan and Pakistanis but Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are amongst your all time favorite singers.

35) You love Green Day but don’t know what Punk Rock is.

36) You haven’t heard any song by Justing Beiber, but you hate him because everyone does.

37) You love Rap and Honey Singh is your favorite.

38) You played Farmville so that you could impress your female friends by sending them points.

39) You were addicted to Yahoo Messenger falling in love with every girl who cared to chat with you.

40) You add the smiling smiley after every line.

41) You don’t have any passion in life, you do everything just for the heck of it.

42) You are usually sad, because then people care more about you.

43) You prefer writing “ME” as “MAH”, “THE” as “DA”, etc.

44) You like to update your Facebook profile with such lines :- If uR frUstAtEd oVeR sUmoNe..dUn bOthEr uRseLf muCh….lEt uR emoTRionS floW ….JS SpiT uR anGer n DAt pErSons’S facE…n dA feElin u gEt…iS amAzIn..

45)Your messages are full of lol, rofl, lmao, roflmao, etc., because those are the only English words you know.

46) You don’t enjoy with your friends but “njoi wid ur frnz…..”

47) You wear T-shirts and Jeans and then hold debates how western culture is spoiling your nation.

48) You are an atheist only because it sounds cool.

49) You are an active part of Save Animals Association, but you wear shoes made of leather and a coats made of fur.

50) You like everything I write related to Norpals, but don’t know the stuff is intended for you!

Comments on: "50 Facts about Norpals" (9)

  1. *devil laugh*

    Juan! U know every mark of NORPALS! 😀
    & I think list goes even beyond but they are most general 50!
    A Nice description!
    inspiring too!!

  2. How about these: a) you copied and pasted this, not realizing that 8 is the same as 19 or that there are two 37s and the frist one is the same as 38, b) you neither know how to spell Cristiano Ronaldo’s name (and I’m not even a football fan, but I’m guessing you say ‘Netherlands’ and not what is correct, ‘The Netherlands’.) nor ‘in fact’, and c) that I could probably make this sort of list as well, but mine would have completely different items on it?

    I’m not certain I fit your definition of a ‘norpal’, but one: I hate Jai Ho, and always have. I grudge Rahman that Oscar, because not only is he not as exceptional as everyone seems to think, but the songs of Slumdog Millionaire were in no way his best work. I haven’t seen the movie, but I have no opinion of it either way.
    Two: Twilight and Justin Bieber are equally sad.

    I apologize if this sounds harsh or changes your opinion of me in any way. I’ve often been called rude after an outburst such as this, so I endeavour to keep my so-called righteousness in check. However, this appalled me so much that I had to express it.

    I have nothing more to say. Yours always, Cain.

  3. You are right about that, I wrote the points in a random manner then arranged them according to movies, music, books and random points followed. The rush might have caused the repetition.
    I am a football fan but I hate Cristiano Ronaldo, therefore never cared about the spellings of his first name! 😛
    You might hate Jai Ho, but then you wouldn’t have prayed all night so that Rahman might win an Oscar, Norpals did!
    The movie was good and I liked the music a lot.

    Thanks for the comment, there is always nice to have a critic around! 😀 And it doesn’t change my opinion of you! 🙂


  4. @Kuldeep

  5. I would say the reactions of youngsters on recent music,sports,movie and social networking trends are nicely observed and compiled.

    I don’t know if they are same people or not, but a major portion of the people in discussion also fall in category of wannabes.

    One point that I do not understand why you wrote, about Metal lovers and Linkin Park. Either a person will love Metal or his favourite band will be Linkin Park. Simultaneously, I don’t think they’re true, even for Norpals.

    Keep going Juan, you’re good.

  6. Linkin Park claims to sing in the genre of Industrial Metal, although its nothing but shit rap. Thus it holds true for Norpals, atleast the ones I know!

    • Really, I gotta meet those idiots! 😀

      Anyways, my point was, A person who claims to love metal can never say that his favourite band is Linkin Park because this band is FAVORITED by an class of people who are not acquainted to metal.

      And ordinarily, you will come across metal lovers talking shit about this band.

      Being a huge metal fan myself, I FAVOURITED Linkin Park before I listened to metal bands but never stopped listening to Linkin Park though.

  7. Really? I gotta meet those those idiots! And you’re right about their genre mess.

    Anyways, my point was, Linkin Park is FAVORITED by a class of people who are not acquainted to metal. And once they get introduced to metal, they no longer think that way about the band. (same holds true for myself, but i still listen to it)

    And ordinarily, you will come across metal lovers talking shit about this band.

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