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For most of us the question is not if god exists but if its existence does any good to us. It is a very selfish and an individualistic approach towards a very vital selfless and universal ideology. I must say if you are one of them who believe in some faith because of the above mentioned thought – you are not a believer. I would call you a stupid opportunist or may be tempted to call you an atheist.
Now, the atheists would despise me for such thoughts but I think this is what atheism is all about believing is something that helps you. They may tell you to believe in yourself, as you’re the only person who can help you. Atheists have their own beliefs and dogmas (which are very open to criticism) even though despise other religions and creeds.
Most people think of atheists as isolated people with no significant intellectual contribution to the society. I oppose this notion and on the contrary atheists or non-believers have the power to bring about a larger change than the faithful believers. Only a free thinker can challenge and question the most difficult of questions.
Atheists are not bound by dogmas and social obligations. They possess the power to think boundlessly and criticize everything. Criticism is a very important tool for development of a society or religion to bring about change. Everything must be put on the table and should be analyzed and debated. Existence of god is not the only question but many social practices like idol worship must be debated. Atheists must be strong and audible enough to ask these questions to the most highly placed believers.
Only if existence of god is proven or not proven substantially then world can come to peace.
Here is a thought that can confuse you and has confused me all my life. If I think of god as my imaginary friend and not a physical existing entity am I a believer or not?

By- Syd

Comments on: "A new ATHEIST" (4)

  1. Varun Prabhakar said:

    Its simply awesome. Great point of view! πŸ™‚ Respect. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Varun Prabhakar said:

    Its simply awesome.

  3. even i agree dat ques is not abt whether god exist or not!!!!!
    but it is abt those orthodox people who consider god responsible 4 all their misseries & happyness……..i don’t think much abt d existence of god but what i know is dat some1 else is definitely not controlling my life,,,,,its my willpower & determination dat matters the most!!!!!! & if we talk abt destiny den i totally believe in karma! as u sow,so u shall reap…….& its very true that atheists r not bounded by any social already prevailing customs,,,,dey have d guts 2 change the world bcz even very famous politician’s slogan “CHANGE WE BELIEVE IN” brougt d revolution in america’s history.
    So i believe “pray as if everything depends on god but work as if everything depends on u”

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