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Pessimist’s Prophecy

So, it’s been a while since we have updated our blog but we’ve been busy just like the rest of the world. So far it’s been a year of change. The rich and the poor stand in resentment of each other (like in the past) but the expression of this resentment has changed. Poor are on the street evincing their discontent and disparage. While the rich are more subtle. The Anna brigade, common wealth games fiasco and the prosecution of raja has aggravated the situation. Now the oppressed class stands even more aggrieved while the rich clutter in awe.
While we all knew what the outcome will be, the men and women on the streets were still ready for a sacrifice. Do or die was once again the slogan for the masses. The core fundamentals of democracy were challenged. And for the first time as it seems democracy and its fundamentals were discussed and through this discourse the true meaning of democracy was to be derived which should have been done about a century ago(but never mind, it’s never too late). Masses bewildered by this intellectual discourse sang songs of national pride. Men and women clogged up streets, yelped out their discontent in hope of changing the world. The vehement but nonviolent (see the irony) protests were fruitless at best. A stupid resolve of a man could not stand in front of the firm and unyielding government. A promise or I must say a false promise was provided. As if the masses absolved the government, the masses sang songs of success. This success was actually a compromise. People can certainly give away a week for a cause but more than that is certainly obscene. The government knows that. The core committee was aware of it. So, the compromise was inevitable. With no concrete outcome, the pessimist’s prophecy had materialized. The government resolved to bring the law. Governments always resolve to do things. Most resolved to eradicate poverty and like in every manifesto parties too have resolved to eradicate corruption and other social malice. A recurring question that haunted me through all this discourse was, Is India now a better place? The answer is left to conjecture.

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