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Now as the festivities of Christmas end. I am left wondering should I be participating is such celebrations or even wishing Merry Christmas. Being an atheist you are often confronted with such questions on every nook and corner of life. Well, that is what atheism is about. You can weigh up your credentials and act as your ratified logic ushers.
One of my friends(a rather vocal atheist) was banished from a Christmas party just because of his atheistic ideology.
They shouldn’t have done so for
1) their GOD(if he ever existed) is in everyone and surely is in an avid atheist.
2) they could have tried to change his mind maybe showing him the blandishments that led them to believe.
3) the GOD himself would have permitted( I think he doesn’t distinguish)
Well, personally I didn’t celebrate Xmas thinking it was brandish and superficial.
Their is one more viewpoint to this though. The people themselves celebrating Christmas are shamelessly atheistic about Santa themselves. But decorated Santa’s are certainly omnipresent. Atheists in my view can celebrate Christmas as it’s just one more god they wish to disapprove of and then somebody has to preserve these cultural ceremonies(for old times sake).

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  1. To celebrate Jesus, one doesn’t have to believe that he was God. So logically it is possible for an atheist to celebrate Christmas. But it is difficult to think of a viewpoint that rejects God’s existence but still respects Jesus. So I don’t think most of them will want to celebrate. I don’t think many atheists will face this dilemma. I think some will just let it pass in ignorance and some will grab it as an opportunity to criticize the ‘foolish believers’.

    But most people celebrating Christmas don’t really remember Jesus on this day. For most, it is a day for exchanging gifts and spending fun time with family and friends. So considering that, I think anyone can celebrate anything.

    • Atheist point out to the credibility of the existence of god, so thinking of him as god is a different issue. He called himself the messiah well historical facts point out the contrary. You have reiterated my point of why Christmas is celebrated. The fact that atheists face this dilemma is because they want to leave behind the delusion of god behind but don’t want to dishonor the past.

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