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Man, the social “animal”

God made us all with the same earth, the same water and the same sun. For quite some time everything was good and dull, till some intellectuals (these were called the leaders )found a way to distribute(a way of dividing)and then some smart guys distributed unevenly and the others(the gr8 common man) with the same old “walk in the herd” (we are social animals…lol)mentality drove us into these divisions. These smart guys were a fad. Somebody somewhere in this world spends all of his life to create something to augment human growth as a social animal(though we are animal 1st and then social) these devils find the other way of using it, to hamper this growth and some of us follow them finding it cool(though its the society that shivers).
Basically we humans are animals with the over developed brains ,ever strong aspirations , ever growing demands ,and something called arrogance(an attribute that fools invented). We are animals socialized with force and a compulsion!
The self imposing human is a weak animal(this is our compulsion).We are scared of dark(we don’t have glowing eyes),heights and find me one man who can fight a tiger with his nails(our natural equivalent of claws) and another fear that came after we socialized and that was the fear of loneliness .
The word Society is complex . It binds every human with its laws, rules and dogma. Ironically these laws which are made and meant for humans aren’t so human .They have loop holes waiting to be exploited .But one thing that really makes this society work is a very intimate bond between people who are not alike .
Well when people came together as a society some people made sections of it. They divided everything from food to land. Once these partitions flourished in their own shell we started to divide everything. Humans divided everything they laid their eyes on. They divided on color, they divided the land , and even their god. Then came the itch!
The natural human nature(exclusive to it) “I am superior” gave birth to wars(the human fetish),grudges and never ending conflicts. Though these things made life more occupying and exciting it also made it more time consuming and complex.
And once more the great common man(the maker) suffered and gave a new reason to the superior breed to molest it and suppress it.
He once his search of redemption ended in more deterioration.
And my dream turned dark!!!!!


God, are you there?

I pray to thee oh God,
but sometimes I wonder if you do exist?
Coz I can see O Master,
many unchecked boxes in my wish list.

People say you are magical,
but do you ever plan?
to delete the grievances of your own people,
people who call you Father of heaven.

Some say you wipe the tears,
some say you remove all heartaches,
but what I think O creator of all,
you laugh at your place when our heart breaks.

may I ask thy in the language of people,
Or may I not?
a question in my mind,
just give it a thought.

Why dont you love me?
have I never folded my hands before you?
Or you just dont feel like helping?
aint I true?

Well I dont know,
if you are really up there,
Or as they say if you are in my heart,
Or tell me now you reside where?

and hey,do you love anyone on this earth?
except the ones who practice flattery,
do you hold us ever?
or are we always free?

Free from your care,
from your affection,
when we want you to free us,
from this world’s faction.

I end this here or it will go too long,
but do ponder over what I insist,
Let me be sure my Lord,
that you do exist.


For the awakening

A cry to the lands of the normal people,
A day would come when your faith would cripple,
The songs of nightingale would shout out blasphemy,
Befitting your belief, your life your irony,
A day might come when the sun won’t shine,
Shivers up your spine!
Your God! Your Pride!
Your Shame! Your Mind!
Blasphemy! Blasphemy!
Burn them down, your false humanity and your coveted tyranny,
For love and hate,
For your sordid faith,
Break Out! Break Out!
For, a day would come when the numbers won’t count,
The debts won’t mount,
And a day would come when your heart would beat,
Your soul trimmed down, now loving and neat,
Governments will fall,
No phone connects your call,
The silence would speak,
Gather you all , let your feelings creak,
For, a day would come, whose night won’t end.

All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. (well thats my man!!!)
We all belong to the same breed ! We all are the same! We all have lost our love to the superior breed(read as smart guys)!We all have been working in the same place for the last 10 years(and we aint movin nowhere!)We’ve been harassed, beaten up, insulted.

BUT hey !!!! we’ve survived it all.We are the most stubborn race in entire human history( even donkey would change his ways after all this devilment).

And things go worse if you live in a land where mediocrity is crime you can’t afford to lose this battle (well you’ll know it if your an Indian student). No one would like to talk to you, some wouldn’t wouldn’t like to see you (though you don’t see signs saying mediocre and dogs not allowed),some would harass you with the fake (they make up things) or true stories about there genius family and some would just dispose you.

OK now your not allowed to think …its what your parent want is what you do(and theres no 911 here). Becoming an engineer, a doctor or someone who earns millions are called professionals and someone who tries to cross the boundaries of this rigid system is labelled as shit.

Our society believes in practicing the non materialistic way of life but still craves about the materialistic world.

Our life is controlled not by the decisions made by us but the ones made by others. People who make decision for us.What to eat wat not eat..nd to be or not to be and we are not even consulted.

WE live in an irony everyday!!

Before You Say It’s Over

Before you say it’s over, let’s give it a try,
One last chance, please don’t deny,
C’mon baby, one simple single reply,
Silence is not something I want my life to rely.

I’ll buy us a bunch of chocolates and bake a cake,
Just to hear you, I can lie the whole night awake,
If you’d want, I can swim the Great Salt Lake,
Don’t leave it for God to forsake.

Before you say it’s over, will you open your eyes one more time?
Will you hold my hand? Is it too big a crime?
Words may not rhyme, without you life’s without a thyme,
This fate cover’s me up like grime.

I slice my wrist to see what hurts more,
Pain of the solitary made it live to the shore,
If nothing else, please do not ignore,
The rose I left beside your grave for you to adore.




Education is expensive!!

Some people talking about education when I interrupt

Umm can I have a say on this?..yes
I think its EXCREMENT!

I think here we are taught to be someone else…
and to see the world like someone else saw it,
Maybe in equations or a language unknown,
Here we are not taught to feel,


Here we are not taught to say “I LOVE YOU”,
to someone and feel the same but to say “I VALUE YOU” because we have to,
We are here not because we want to but because we were born…
We are togeter not because of some liking ..but because we don’t have a choice,
and will never have a choice ,


We are all trapped ,tramped and slapped with conformity,
We never grew any wings to fly,
Our words never had our voice,
And the sound we made was bought,bought with money,
We filled their bags with money not to learn how to find our voice but to copy someone else’s,
To make it more stylish,
Like the world would like!
But it wasn’t mine,it wasn’t me,
And i think it wasn’t there’s either,
They ! like us were prisoners of there own disguise,
The victims like us,ravaged and intrigued by the notion of being heard,
But instead all they did was hear,
Our own voice never got to learn how to fly..circumvent the boundaries of there own ears,
And like us,they peeped in the same hole…the hole that showed us only the reflected light.

By- Syd

All I Wanted To Say Was Hi

All I wanted to say was Hi,
All you said was goodbye,
Not knowing the sweet pain outside,
Throwing the basket full of dreams
Onto the next river pedestal guide,
Not easy tis to hold the two extremes!
Was it so less for a pleasure to re-live?
‘N’ all I could do was but give?
You probably forgot the thousand times,
Asked you to love me less on the Valentine’s,
Robbing my heart is also one of the many crimes,
Did you not only flatter by single pair lines?
This memory, is all that I have, is fading away,
This heart bids to go astray,
Make you love with someone during the day,
Would this make the silent cry a nice portray?
Wish you back everyday,
But, there’s something I’d want you to repay!