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Revenge of the Unknown-periodical

Al was a perfect young man. By perfect I mean careless, jobless, day andnight dreamer, lazy and addict! But if you call him irregular, you wouldbe wrong. He was regular with alcohol, sometimes getting so much highthat the roads had to witness a maniac. Moreover, he was a regular withthe cops, always escaping any detail dealings, by corrupting the corruptofficers and making up stories of him having a notorious alter-ego.Elsewhere he had a favorite dialog, whenever he got into any kind oftrouble, “I’m a policeman!”He was a good story-teller of course, but skill never helped him get a job.He was well qualified, but some people are born with bad luck.Sometimes this fact frustrated him and he had already started losinghope. His academic qualifications were topped with his abovementioned characteristics though they always ended up against him. Itwas his 10th attempt for the job. So, this is how it proceeded.He woke up at time, although he had made love to whiskey the lastnight. Dressed in his best formal attire, with a very decent hair-style, helooked like an aristocrat in his reflection in the shining black leathershoes. He hired a taxi and in no time he was travelling on the road whichwould lead him to his destiny. Everything was perfect, until he wasabout to reach the office. He took out his wallet, with intent to give therent beforehand. But it was empty! Of all the bad times he had seen, thiswas the trailer of the worst! He started thinking of excuses, but he knewnone would work. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind.”Stop the cab and raise your hands”, he said pressing his fingers againstthe collar of the driver.

By- Juan Kaius and Syd

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