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An open request to Indians.

Cyber Criminals and their acts of criminality have been often defended by a very important yet seldom provided freedom of expression. As cartoonist Aseem Trivedi walked the path that led him to his 2 week judicial custody, he seemed to be a warrior, in for a larger cause. His cartoons and the so called religious and national sentiments, are actors of the same old play. Where the sentiments win all the time. If we look at the history of modern India, we will stumble upon similar acts involving Mr. Salman Rushdie, Mr M.F Hussain and many more. Where sentiments have been vehemently abused and insulted. As India a rising power of the east modernizes its army but also its society what place do these emotions and sentiments hold?  I in no moment of madness mean to belittle the upsurge of sentiments that appear to be so frail in these times of change, would like to digress.

As media and our government are at loggerheads, each accusing the other of contortion of facts stated by each. Today as our country leaps and runs holding the baton of international change why is that our stride is obstructed by mere inflexibility. I stand, as Aseem screams and wrestles in my television for a cause that is now seems to be dead.
The monsoon session of our respected parliament ended a few days ago, with the usual end. We seem to ignore it now as we have ignored most of our political scenario and have peacefully resigned ourselves to the famous ‘chalta hai’ attitude. There’s a greater question that lingers. Isn’t it an abuse to our constitution and our democratic values when we commit ourselves to our famous ignorance. Who is in this current scenario the greater evil or the greater good? A political class and its protectors who (in this case of our astray cartoonist) rip through his freedom of speech and expression are not the criminals of the same crime(of demeaning the respected institution of the parliament and thus demeaning our constitution)? When the protector becomes the cause of the institutions destruction is it not the greater evil? Even so who is responsible enough to take the higher good and bring justice? The case is not of the breech of freedom but of our moral fabric.

Our parliament is not just another institution of decision making but also the epitome of our hopes. Hope that one day the road in front of my house will be made, hope that one day the hungry will be fed. Is this hope or a sense of self-uplifting not a sentiment? What if this sentiment gets hurt? What law does our judicial system provides us, to bring such a criminal to justice?

Among the multitude of questions, let us not forget to ask or seek to answer the more important questions. When will our great country and its administrators acknowledge the need of true justice?

As I finish another news flashes on my television it is the case of Mr Jagdish tytler and his use of his freedom of expression which goes unpunished while our favorite cartoonist spends the night in jail.